BAeHAL is a premier training systems integrator offering a comprehensive portfolio of training services and simulators customised for its clients including Indian defence
[Army, Navy, and Air force] and other establishments.

BAeHAL specialises in design, manufacture , Software development , integration, installation and maintenance of varied training simulators to meet personnel training
requirements of high standards and potentially critical situations which would be extremely difficult and risky to reproduce in any other way with high safety at low cost.

BAeHAL has commissioned various simulators at different defence establishments

  • Machinery Control Room Simulators
  • Avionics Part Task Trainers
  • Navigation and Weapon System Maintenance Simulator [ NWSMS]
  • Engine Ground Run Simulators
  • Virtual LRU Testing Trainers
  • L 70 Gun Simulator.

BAeHAL Capabilities:

  • Legacy System Upgrade and Maintenance
  • Fixed Base Full Mission Simulators[ FBFMS]
  • Aircraft System Maintenance Simulator
  • Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainer[ FNPT]
  • Flight Training Device[ FTD}
  • Avionics Upgrade For Simulators
  • Virtual Reality Trainers:
  • DI, FSR Activities and Other Maintenance Activites
  • 3D Walkthrough Of Aircrafts, Ship Engine Rooms
  • Virtual Aircraft Training Systems.


Avionics Part Task Trainer for MiG-21 (BISON )

  • Training to pilots with the avionics functions along with basic function of aircraft
  • Practice operating and controlling avionic systems and interpreting avionic displays
  • Practice on various combat and navigational modes before flying actual Aircraft.


  • Familiarization with upgraded cockpit layout and MMI
  • Familiarization with functioning of instruments and displays
  • Use and operation of avionics equipment and weapon systems
  • To carry out climb, level out, cruise, descent, approach maneuver and landing
  • To practice navigation, air-to-air (including interception) and air- to-ground roles including weapon delivery
  • Handling of malfunctions / emergencies.

Virtual LRU Tester

  • Virtual LRU Tester is a BAeHAL initiative to reduce the learning curve of aircraft technicians
  • Provides a virtual environment for the trainee to practice
  • LRU testing
  • Fault correction and maintenance procedures by using PC based virtual testing environment
  • Virtual LRU tester developed for 41 LRUs of ALH.

Machinery Control Room Simulator

  • Machinery Control Room Simulator has been designed and developed for Indian Navy and showcases our capabilities in Naval System Simulation
  • It enables the trainee to get trained on Machinery Control Room functions of a warship
  • Provides facilities for the instructor to test and evaluate the trainee by subjecting trainee to execute simulated engine maneuvers and also during simulated engine faults..

MiG-21 Engine Ground Run Simulator

Provides the operator training on MiG 21 Engine Ground running Operation and procedures along with following features:

  • Maintenance Software
  • DAS Software
  • Instructor’s station application which enables the instructor to create training exercises
  • Control and monitor trainee performance through an intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Virtual LRU tester developed for 41 LRUs of ALH.

Universal Ground Run Simulator (UGRS)

This Simulator trains pilots/operators on Engine Ground running Operation and procedures along with specific hardwares and customized software for the following Aircrafts:

  • AN-32
  • Jaguar
  • Su-30
  • Hardware (COTS and Fabricated Cockpit Shell )
  • Software
  • Peripherals.

Layer Trainer L/70 Simulator – SDD, Hyderabad

Training the Layer Number of L/70 gun and assessing the trainee performance on the following

  • Acquiring an aerial target in trainee’s gun sight2
  • Laying the gun accurately and smoothly on the aerial target in both azimuth and
  • elevation depending on the course and speed of the target.
  • Estimation of the range of target and engagement of the target
  • Strap on simulator
  • Utilizes existing gun sight and other controls
  • Simulates fixed & rotary wing targets in different profiles

A 330 Simulation systems Upgrade – ECA Faros , France

This project is basically about upgrade of Airbus 330-200 Aircraft Maintenance Simulator from version 1.2 to 2.3. The following simulator systems were upgraded by BAeHAL

  • Landing Gear and Braking System
  • Fuel System
  • Flight Attendant Panel
  • Engine – Rolls Royce
  • Engine – Pratt and Whitney
  • Engine – General Electric

Virtual Reality

The VR training includes a virtual walk-around similar to what one might experience on the runway. The trainee would approach the aircraft and make the similar inspection they would perform in the real world using the same checklist. During the virtual pre-flight inspection, pilots and ground crew learn everything needed for the specific aircraft they are trained on without needing a real aircraft.

  • Immersive environment possible
  • Reduce Cost Without Reducing Quality
  • Virtually Prepare for Real Situations
  • Safety
  • Faster Learning
  • DI, FSR activities and other maintenance activity
  • 3D walkthrough of Aircrafts, Ship Engine rooms
  • Virtual Aircraft training Systems.