Life @ BAeHAL

  • In conformance with BAeHAL’s vision, the HRD’s vision and mission is to create an outstanding workforce and to inspire people in the organisation.
  • The overall objective of the HRD is to build a vibrant and developing organisation, meeting the challenges of quality and excellence through recruitment and retention initiatives there by ensuring high commitment to the company.

HR Objectives

To do so our HR team will:

  • Recognize the importance of each individual
  • Be accountable for work and the quality of service
  • Provide best HR practices and consultation
  • Promote collaborative relationship in the organization
  • Ensure consistent implementation of Company polices.

HR Values

BAeHAL has got a common set of HR values.

  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Clear Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Involvement

A Plan for Human Resources

To achieve our vision and mission we focus on four key areas

Investing in our people

  • To develop, influence and guide employees towards a high standard of performance. To create an environment where professional growth and development are valued and pursued.
  • To demonstrate this commitment, the HR team will:

    • Develop, support and implement best practices in orientation, performance enhancement, learning and development, succession planning and recognition
    • Offer learning and development programs that are based on BAeHAL’s core and Leadership Competencies
    • Encourage, plan and execute skill enhancement training in departments
    • Provide accurate and timely processing of HR issues
    • Interpret and apply policies, procedures and agreements consistently.

Encouraging Leadership at all levels

  • To create a culture of leadership that encourages formal and informal acts of leadership at all levels.

  • To demonstrate this commitment, the HR team will:

    • Develop and implement Performance Planning and Review
    • Offer support for Leadership and Management development including acquisition of PMP Certificates by employees.
    • Promote individual coaching and support it’s leadership.

    Facilitating a Positive and Effective Workforce

    To build a workforce where fairness, respect, inclusiveness and diversity are fundamentals to success.

    To demonstrate this commitment, the HR team will:

    • Develop strategies to enable a culture of: flexibility and work-life balance, improved employee relations, enhance communication, and ensure constructive and respectful resolution of conflict.
    • Demonstrate commitment to expanding diversity consciousness and developing an inclusive workplace.
    • Work together to continually clarify our roles, processes and procedures.
    • Assist leaders and managers across campus to develop positive workforce within their work groups and teams.

    Attracting and Retaining Talent

    One of the biggest challenges facing business operations is retaining qualified and valuable employees.

    To demonstrate this commitment, the HR team will:

    • Attract talent by giving competitive salary and benefits
    • Give quality time for valued employees and listen to their problems
    • Empathise with staff members experiencing difficulties, and empower them to take action to consistently produce positive results
    • Recognize valuable employees with employee recognition and rewards Programs
    • Create a positive and energetic workforce.

    Vision: To create an outstanding workforce

    Our vision reflects our belief that BAeHAL is a Company of Choice by helping to create an outstanding workforce..

    Mission: To Inspire People

    Our mission reflects our belief that our role is to offer guidance and support that does more than enable people. We inspire and engage them in implementing positive human resource practices. We are committed in building skills, confidence in employees, encouraging and motivating them to act in ways that helps achieve our vision.