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BAeHAL Software Ltd.
(A joint venture of BAE Systems and HAL)



BAeHAL has established startegic alliances with various technology partners to offer comphrensive and advanced technology solutions to its customers. Here we present some of our Strategic Alliance Partners:

BAeHAL has strategic alliance with Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS) Sweden, to offer world-class business solutions. Expertise is available in the areas of Manufacturing, Material Management, Quality, MRO, Facility Management, Finance, HR, etc.

Currently BAeHAL is implementing enterprise solutions at 27 divisions of HAL across India.


BAE Systems' Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP®) line of business develops powerful software tools used to deliver highly accurate geospatial and intelligence data.
GXP draws on internal data production and technology expertise to deliver superior products to the user community. GXP continually improves its software applications by gathering feedback directly from customers at user conferences, regional workshops, and training courses held in its worldwide training centers.
GXP's commercial-off-the-shelf software offerings, GXP Xplorer®, GXP WebView, SOCET GXP®, and SOCET SET®, provide customers with comprehensive image and video analysis, data management and geospatial production capabilities. These products serve government and civil customers’ needs for photogrammetry, mapping, GIS, image exploitation, precision targeting, geospatial intelligence, 3-D visualization, simulation and mission planning.